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Hualu Invited to the Pakistan Energy Reform Summit 2020

2020/2/19 22:41:13

12th Feb. 2020, Pakistan Energy Reform Summit 2020 was held at Serena Hotel in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, with the participants including Minister of Energy Pakistan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister and Chief Minister of Sindh. A total of more than 180 global or regional well-known companies attended the summit.


Hualu Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hualu”) subsidiary of CNCEC was invited to the summit and delivered a keynote speech titled "Coal Utilization In China – a Future Vision of Coal Based Chemical Industries in Pakistan", which was unanimously praised by the participants.


The summit was supported by the Ministry of Energy Pakistan. The summit focused on the policies of the Government of Pakistan on the adjustment of the national energy structure since 2018, the future development trend of the energy industry in Pakistan and its attractiveness to international investors, etc. The summit was divided into three theme forums: "Power & Renewable Energy Summit", "Gas Summit" and "Refining & Petrochemical Summit".

As the CNCEC's main responsible company of Pakistan market, Hualu has successfully implemented several EPC projects locally in recent years and gained a good industrial and social influence. At the same time, Hualu has also actively developed the local engineering market with tracking many influential large engineering projects.


With full understanding of the importance of this summit for overseas promotion of companies, Hualu specially set up a booth for exhibition. Since receiving the invitation back in October 2019, the company has started to organize manpower for preliminary preparation, from the discussion on booth plans to the elaborate preparation of publicity materials, and then to the repeated revision of the keynote speech draft, which fully shows the company's high attention to the exhibition.

The company's representative delivered a keynote speech with the title of "Coal Utilization In China – a Future Vision of Coal Based Chemical Industries in Pakistan" at the Refining & Petrochemical Summit, shared with the representatives the development history of China's coal chemical industry in the past 30 years, as well as several typical engineering achievements of Hualu in the coal chemical industry, such as "the first project", "the largest project" and "the demonstration project", and deeply analyzed the future development trend of the coal chemical industry. At the same time, the representative of the company also analyzed the factors affecting the development of national economy on the basis of the actual situation in Pakistan, and stressed that with the rapid promotion of the "China–Pakistan Economic Corridor" Project and the gradual deepening development of world-class coal fields in Thar area, the coal chemical industry in Pakistan will welcome a rare opportunity for development.

The keynote speech clearly expressed the ability and willingness of the CNCEC Hualu to work with Pakistani companies to continue to deepen cooperation and achieve common progress and development.

During the two-day summit, the main booth at the core position of the exhibition center of Hualu attracted a large number of visitors. The representatives of energy companies from Pakistan, Syria, Oman, UAE and other countries have conducted in-depth exchanges with our representatives and formed the intention of further contact and exchange. The unique booth, exquisite brochures and repeatedly played video materials made a deep impression on the visitors and won appreciation and recognition, laying a more solid foundation for Hualu to continue to expand the Pakistani market in the future.