Hualu Engineering Technology Co Ltd, is China chemical engineering Limited by Share Ltd SASAC subordinate (CNCEC, stock code: 601117) a wholly owned subsidiary, was founded in 1965, is the predecessor of the Sixth Design institute. China has a comprehensive engineering design qualification, can undertake the business design industry, the construction of each grade, is a set of investment and financing, consulting, design, technology research and development, procurement, construction management, project management, driving guidance, operation and maintenance services in one of the international engineering company with engineering general contracting ability, the registered capital of 260 million yuan.

Hualu Engineering Technology Co Ltd is one of the first domestic through quality, environment, occupation health and safety management system certification company, is the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and Chinese Engineering Consulting Association (CNAEC) member organizations, with foreign project contracting qualification certificates, can contract foreign projects and sent abroad for overseas projects the labor service personnel.

Fifty years, China has been dedicated to the petroleum and natural gas chemical industry, coal chemical industry, fine chemical materials, energy, infrastructure and other areas of business, through the integration of global resources, has completed more than 1200 projects including more than 40 large and medium-sized construction general contracting, design more than 200 kinds of products, new technology development, 100 a number of proprietary technology and patented technology for more than 100 times by the State Council and the Central Military Commission commendation, has won national and provincial awards more than 300.

China founded in mind is engineering career, science and technology, and make unremitting efforts for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This is our historical responsibility, but also our future development direction. China is the cause of the world's most advanced science and technology into practical productive forces, in the pursuit of self development, China will "focus on customer's challenge and pressure, provide competitive engineering products and high-quality engineering services, continuing to create maximum value for customers" for the mission, follow the "beyond the core value customers expect to create the best practice" concept, adhere to the customer delivery of essential safety, ecology, nature nature of economic engineering achievements, harmony and make due contributions to the construction of the national economy and society.