Software applications: HUALU has reached the international advanced level of data center, network hardware system, engineering application software system, engineering project management integrated system and all kinds of database, convenient information system covers all business level and the site of the project, everyone can smooth in the information management platform for the whole process of construction project management and project management. We believe that advanced information management can provide customers with more economical, efficient and accurate services.


3D achievements: as one of the first engineering companies in the industry to carry out the concept of three-dimensional design, HUALU has built the three-dimensional design application integration system for many years, which supports multi professional interaction design on the same platform. Through full scale 3D model system and engineering cost control system, we provide accurate statistics and material purchase requisition for procurement and construction links, while controlling the inventory and ensuring the time limit for the project, to avoid the design mistakes, site design and rework, it greatly improves the quality and level of Engineering management.