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COD of Largest Single Train Cyclohexanone Plant in China” by Hualu

2020/3/21 10:07:23

At 18:40 p.m. on March 4, the 200,000 t/a (design capacity: 250,000 t/a) Cyclohexanone Project of Fujian Shenma,  with largest single train capacity in China, which  Hualu Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. worked as E and PC contractor, produced qualified cyclohexanone products through all technological processes. The process performance and production capacity of the plant have reached  all designed criteria and the system runs at steady status. This marks another breakthrough of Hualu in the field of fine chemical industry, and also lays a solid foundation for Hualu to further expand relevant industrial fields and the business operation in the Economic Zone on the West Coast of Taiwan Straits and the southeast coastal market.


Cyclohexanone is an important chemical raw material and industrial solvent as well as the main intermediate in the manufacture of nylon, caprolactam and adipic acid. The advanced hydration process was utilized to produce cyclohexanols in the Cyclohexanone Project of Fujian Shenma. Compared with the traditional oxidation process, it is characterized by less unit consumption, less pollution, higher efficiency and higher safety. The Project mainly includes cyclohexanol unit, dehydrogenation unit and  utilities and auxiliary facilities, flares, tank areas, etc.

Since commencement of the Project on July 10, 2018, Mr. Wang Hai, the Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of the company, and Mr. Kang Jianbin, the Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and General Manager, have been attaching great importance to the Project. They have conducted many site survey giving  guidance, and actively communicated and coordinated with the Owner, laying a solid foundation for the successful completion and operation of the Project as well as  the following in-depth cooperation between the two sides.


Schedule Guarantee with Intensified Professional and Standard Actions

Ever since the commencement of the Project, the Project team have quickly prepared and further perfected management procedures including project coordination, construction management, procurement management, schedule control, cost management, document control, etc.; the Project team have published and implemented those procedures prior to  the execution  of the Project so as  to ensure the standardized, professional and standardized implementation of the Project.

After the engineering contract was signed on March 31, 2018, all disciplines engineers were actively mobilized to overcome the unfavorable conditions. With uncompleted  data input from  amplified process package, the whole engineers’ team , by fully learning from past projects experience, adopted scientific planning and flexible methods, and worked overtime to strongly achieve the engineering progress. By the beginning of December of that year, the detailed design was close to end.

In order to ensure the smooth running of the Project, the Project Control Department established integrated control system for instant  progress monitoring, which using P6 software for project planning,  dynamic tracking, adjustment and issuance. Biweekly reports and monthly progress reports are routinely prepared, and progress alignment meetings were also being held at routine basis to serve the needs of project control. Roll-up alerting of milestones were  published, tracked and fedback on a weekly, biweekly and monthly basis.

During the construction phase, the Project team, without affecting the site work, actively organized alignment meetings for all construction contractors to push the project progress. They communicated and cooperated with all parties , and timely resolved the problems, so as to ensure the seamless connection of the engineering, procurement, construction, etc. of the Project.

Challenging High Project Goals with Dedication and Teamworking

The Project is located at Kemen Economic Development Zone in Lianjiang County, Fujian. The site is a sea-filling area with hydraulic fill sand, and prestressed concrete pipe piles are used for foundation treatment. There are 2,927 piles in the site, the average pile length is about 60 meters, and the longest designed pile length is 73.15 meters. In order to ensure the milestone of the pile foundation, the Project team made coordination to ensure the on time issuance of the pile foundation drawings, and at the same time, deployed machinery, manpower and other resources in a timely manner, and adopted professional and vertical management for each pile driver team; and overcame adverse factors such as typhoons, rainy and high temperature weather working overtime to complete all the foundation work of the main plants in early October 2018. The Project team were highly praised and fully recognized by the Owner for conformance to the milestones requirement of the Project.


Due to the large number of over-sized equipment in the Project, considering the difficulty in transportation of finished products, the Project team made close and careful investigation and plan in advance, and determined that 4 reactors and 8 towers were to be fabricated on site. Through the overall arrangement of design drawings, staged on-site fabrication, and organic coordination of large lifting equipment, the Project team adopted, by using value engineering, the targeted and powerful coordination measures to achieve the ultimate goal of saving the project cost and ensuring the sound execution of the project progress.


There are 36 large lifting equipment in the Project. Due to tight space at site, Tower Area 662 is close to the frame and is very crowded. The static equipment in the frame floors can only be lifted and placed from the tower area in a precise position. Therefore, it is necessary to overcome the over lapping of lifting of the site fabricated equipment and the floor equipment. Before the lifting of large equipment, the Project team uniformly planned and arranged the installation sequence of all equipment by using large lifting equipment, from the delivery of the site fabricated equipment to the delivery of the shop fabricated equipment, and conducted multiple communication and consultation with the suppliers and the construction contractors on the basis of the actual situation on the site, so as to ensure the scientific coordination  of equipment delivery, civil construction, lifting and installation, etc. and complete each lifting task smoothly.


With the vigorous coordination and support of Hualu, the Project team dealt with the difficulties by organizing all the professionals and technical forces of its own team  and subcontractors as a task force. The Project team subdivided the task into that of the working group and individual person in charge, and carried out quantitative assessment; made scientific and overall arrangements in the preparation, review and reporting of the hydro test package; timely reported the welding records and hydro test package plans. Having passed CSEI’s spot check, on-site spot check, and internal test, acceptance of pressurized pipes were achieved. After more than a month of hard work, the Project team completed the supervision, inspection and acceptance of pressure pipes by the CSEI with high quality and high efficiency, which won valuable time for mechanical completion in the Project and commissioning by the Owner. Therefore, the Project team was highly praised and fully recognized by the CSEI and the Owner.

The Cyclohexanone Project of Fujian Shenma (Phase I) embodies the hard work and wisdom of the team of Hualu, and is a vivid interpretation of the brand of Hualu. In the future, Hualu will continue to adhere to the core corporate value of “surpassing customer expectations and creating the best practices”, strive for excellence, make persistent efforts, and continuously build credibility and brands for the company with high-quality projects.