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Hualu Pakistan Branch Successfully Registered in Pakistan

2018/7/18 16:16:42

To expand the engineering market and localize project operations in Pakistan, Hualu Pakistan Branch, with the support of the leaders, overseas Commercial and Financial departments and other departments of Hualu Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd., completed its administrative approval and registration processes with local authorities on July 10, 2018 and obtained Business License for operation in Pakistan, National Tax Number (NTN), Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN), provincial service tax numbers (SRB and PRA) and Web Based One Customs (WEBOC) number. Hualu Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. has since had a legal identity to conduct relevant business in Pakistan as a permanent non-resident enterprise.

Since 2017 when Hualu decided to establish a branch in Pakistan, the Preparatory Group has overcome numerous interdependent difficulties posed by red tape for registering a branch, handled review by Ministry of Interior, Inter Services Intelligence Directorate, Ministry of Finance and National Bank of Pakistan and finally obtained the approval letter for setting up Hualu Pakistan Branch from local authorities.

Hualu Pakistan Branch was registered in DHA District, Karachi, Pakistan. Covering an area of 800m2, it is complete with office area, meeting area, living area and associated entertainment facilities. Its main task is developing and operating markets in and around Pakistan, as well as support for project implementation, logistical support and import and export trade. Hualu Pakistan Branch will further improve its rules and regulations to lay a solid foundation for Hualu Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. to thrive in local market and gain valuable experience for opening branches in other countries.