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The Groundbreaking Ceremony of IPCI project in Kazakhstan

2017/12/12 14:28:44

On December 6, 2017, the Groundbreaking Ceremony is held on the project site in Kazakhstan, which is contracted by Hualu Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. (HUALU) and China Tianchen Engineering Corporation (TCC), the president of HUALU Mr. Han Bing and the president of TCC Mr. Yuan Xuemin were invited to participate in the ceremony.

The ceremony was broadcast live by Kazakhstan "New Industrialization -- Let Kazakhstan Take Off" national television broadcast, the president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev participated in the live program, listened to the report of the Chairman of United Chemical Company (UCC) about total amount of investment, the construction of the project cycle, capacity planning of the project etc..

After hearing the report, the President pointed out: "the cooperation with Chinese enterprises has very big significance, it is a basis for the future production of petrochemical products, we imported the products from other countries before, through this project, and we can produce the products by our own in future. I hope that you are working well, I declare the project construction officially started".

Mr. Han Bing expressed during the ceremony that the project is an important project in Sino-Kazakhstan Capacity Cooperation, is also an important achievement of deepening cooperation in Kazakhstan petrochemical production, is positive response and implementation to the Belt and Road Chinese Initiative. We will do our best to build the project successfully and promote social and economic development of Kazakhstan.

Other entourage personnel participating the ceremony including the Deputy President Mr. Kang Jianbin, Mr. Li Chanle, the Director of Project Management Department Mr. Jiao Dapeng, the Director of Construction Department Mr. Ren Qingxue, the Project Manager Mr. Zhai Xiansheng, the Business Manager Ms. Wei Na.

After the ceremony, Mr. Han Bing and Mr. Yuan Xuemin visited China National Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd Kazakhstan Branch with other entourage personnel and held an internal meeting about the project organization and implementation, and gave clear instructions for the effective implementation of the next step.

The project as a key project in Sino-Kazakhstan Capacity Cooperation, is the largest overseas contracting project with single contract amount in the history of  China National Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.. The project is located in the region of Cara Bataan of Atyrau in Kazakhstan, the capacity is 500,000t/a polypropylene, the contract amount is $ 1.865 billion, the contract period is 42 months.