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Member of Qinghai Provincial Standing Committee WangYuyan Inspects Ganhe Municipal Treatment Project

2017/7/10 14:05:05

On the afternoon of July 5, 2017, Member of Qinghai Provincial Standing Committee Ms. Wang Yuyan and her entourage visited the site of the wastewater treatment project, a project contracted by our company in Qinghai Ganhe Industrial Park, for inspection and giving instructions. Ms. Wang was accompanied by principals from Qinghai Provincial Department of Environmental Protection, Xining Municipal Government and Ganhe Industrial Park.

The project team reported various aspects of the project to the inspection team. Aftering listening to the introduction about wastewater discharge governance in the park, the preliminary stage construction plan of the project, the advancement and comprehensive advantages of Hualu's processing technologies, the expected "zero emissions" goal of the project and so on, Ms. Wang Yuyan inquired in detail about the amount of wastewater discharge in the park, the existing treatment facilities and their effect of treatment, the project duration and processing capacity, and more. The inspection team highly appraised and affirmed Hualu's good job in proposing the wastewater treatment "zero emissions" design concept in the project as well as the works completed in terms of project comprehensive economic benefits, project management planning, and project duration assurance measures; which greatly encouraged and excited the enthusiasm of the construction staff. The project team also assures the inspection team that it will go all out to complete the construction tasks on time and ensure the realization of the green development goals of Ganhe Industrial Park.