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FEED contract signed with KaMAtex LLC for a MA-BDO Project in Russia

2018/2/9 10:00:35

On 6th March 2018, Hualu Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. signed FEED contract with KaMAtex LLC for building a MA-BDO Project in Russia.

KaMAtex LLC is a project oriented company, dedicated in introducing technology licensors and EPC contractors to companies like Lukoil, EKTOS and the like in Russia.

Under the contract, Hualu shall carry out Licensor Screening and RFQ Floating, Licensor BID Evaluation, Licensor Selection, Process Design Package (PDP) coordination and FEED engineering for a 50 ktpa 1,4- Butanediol (BDO) based on maleic anhydride (MA), which is derived from n-butane.

Both Hualu and KaMAtex LLC also held talks on application of Reppe technology for BDO production, envisaging a promising potential for the technology in the Russian and Middle Asia market.