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Hualu Complete Nrl Isbl/Osbl Upgradation Project On ScheduleHualu Complete Nrl Isbl/Osbl Upgradation

2017/11/8 18:56:02

With the 72-hour performance test of PENEX unit being successfully demonstrated on 10:00 pm 27th October 2017, and the last Provisional Acceptance Certificate (PAC) issued by National Refinery Limited (NRL) on 1st November 2017, Hualu has fulfilled its obligations and completed the NRL ISBL and OSBL Upgradation Project.

NRL ISBL and OSBL Upgradation Project is Hualu’s first overseas EPCC contract, which contains the overall Lump Sum Turn-key works to upgrade NRL’s capacity of HSD to 29765 BPSD and Naphtha to 14154 BPSD, along with other auxiliary units.

With the Contracts signed on 2nd December, 2014 and effective from 13th March, 2015, the Project has taken approx. 32 months to complete on schedule. During this period, in the face of numerous difficulties, the project teams from NRL and Hualu have devoted their passion and talent into engineering, procurement and construction of the project and achieved the milestones of successful commissioning of DHT (to E-IV standard HSD), HPU, SRU, SWS, ATU, NS, NHT, DIH and other associated structures and units according to NRL’s expectations.

The Hualu project team and the work they performed have gained high praise from NRL, and the success will surely lead to a bright future of Hualu in Pakistan Market.