Company Brief

Hualu Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Hualu, formerly known as the Sixth Design Institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry) is an engineering company with Class A Comprehensive Design Qualification for all industries and specialized Class A certificates in specific... ...

Products in Different Industries
  • Petrochemicals
  • Coal & Natural Gas Based Chemicals
  • Organic and Fine Chemicals
  • F-Si Chemicals
  • Fertilizers & Inorganic Chemicals
  • Photosensitive Materials & Thin Films
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Polymers & Engineering Plastics
  • Cryogenic Engineering
  • National Defense Chemicals
  • Others

Service Scopes

Hualu provides full life cycle project services including financing, consultancy, engineering design, technology development, procurement, construction managemen... ...

Proprietary Technology

  • 65KTPA epichlorohydrin industrial production technology
  • 10 KTPA trichlorosilane industrial production technology and large fluidized bed reactor
  • Mega commercialized phthalic anhydride production technology
  • Utilization of Heat energy in polysilicone deposition
  • Utilization of Heat energy in polysilicone deposition
  • Design technology of steam converter
  • Trichlorosilane purification technology